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Auctionity Club

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We are launching the Auctionity Club with the aim to reward our DRT holders for their loyalty, develop the DRT brand awareness and attract new DRT supporters to grow the community.


Because we want to build this unique community out there and we want you to be a part of it. So, jump into the Auctionity adventure, join the club and take advantage of the great opportunities by signing up here.

We hope you will appreciate it!



Features already available on Auctionity Club


Payment by card

Buy DRT with card directly on club.auctionity.com

Payment guarantee without leaks

Certify your account

Get access to new functionalities by certifying your account manually or by credit card

Block explorer Auctionity

Achievement board

Take a look at the steps you have achieved and redeem your DRT rewards

Easy blockchain-run auction creation

Social sharing

Spread the word by sharing our last news, tweets or retweets to get rewards

Auctionity Website Roadmap

Monthly Report

Be the first to get exclusive news

DRT datas

DRT data

Find in one glimpse all information about DRT price, volume, market cap

Coming soon

Block explorer Auctionity

Sponsorship and affiliation

An affiliate and sponsorship program will be launched during Summer 2018. Stay tuned!

Other Auction process


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Submit content

Publish and submit an original content (article, video) about Auctionity to earn extra DRT