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Our company Auctionity

Our Company

Auctionity powered by DomRaider

Yesterday it was just an idea. Today, DomRaider Group is a fast-growing company. In just one year, our team has tripled in size to eventually reach 43 members. We are now expanding even more to take on exciting new challenges.

It all began with Drop Catching

In the summer of 2013, Tristan Colombet, successful serial entrepreneur, created DomRaider offering the best way for customers to reserve dropped domain names and buy through dedicated auctions.

Through the years, DomRaider has developed a huge experience with auctions, identifying their strengths and limitations.

The BlockChain Shift

With the launch of its ICO in September 2017, DomRaider set foot in blockchain territory with a view to revolutionize the auction market and set up decentralized blockchain auctions in real-time

A few milestones for our ICO

560 million token sold at the end of the ICO

Blockchain Project supported by a great team

As a ‘liberated company’, our aim is to help each employee play an important role in the success of the company. That's why our guiding principles are to always put people at the heart of everything we do and to take on a decentralized decision-making approach. We were awarded the Happy at Work label in 2017, for being one of the best start-up companies to work for.

Auctionity, powered by DomRaider Group

Auctionity is a project powered by the DomRaider and it serves as a bridge between the auction world and the potential of open-source blockchain. Our team is gathering experts from blockchain communities or with high-level IT & development background, but also FinTech, Marketing and Business talents. We are bold, we are enthusiastic, we are pioneers.

Join us!

Auctionity's solution provides decentralized blockchain auctions in real-time. The aim of Auctionity is to make auctions safer, faster, and more reliable through blockchain technology.
Our ambition is to revolutionize the auction world, and thanks to the team we are building, we now have the power to carry out this revolution.

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