End of Q2 to Q3 2021

There is a lot going on for Auctionity and the $DRT. Explore our roadmap and learn more about the new features and developments we have planned for 2021.

  • $DRT Rename and Swap

    The $DRT token will be swapped to bring closer the Auctionity platform and the token's use cases. The total number of token will be reduced during this process.
  • New Token Utilities

    The new token will power the Auctionity platform. Staking, new NFT-related features, payment for auction sponsors and much more will be introduced.
  • A deflationary model

    As all the $DRT tokens have already been minted, the new token will have a deflationary model where no new tokens will ever be minted or added to the actual circulation supply.
  • Token Burn and Rebuy Mechanism

    20% of all transaction fees on Auctionity will be used to buy some of the new token and burn it for the eternity + Quarterly burn based on the total volume of transactions.
  • New Uniswap V3 Staking Program and new interface

    The equivalent of 3 million of $DRT in the new token will be put up for staking (APY on the 1st campaign was up to 450%).
  • Available on the BSC

    The new token will be compatible with the Binance Smart Chain. New uses cases, new defi protocol, NFTs on the BSC... the futur is cross-chain.
  • Bridge to Swap ERC20 Tokens to BEP20 Tokens

    A dedicated bridge page will be created to allow new token holders to turn it into a BEP20 token usable on the Binance Smart Chain, and vice-versa.
  • Listing of “the new token” on the best BSC DEX, PancakeSwap

    The new token will be listed on PancakeSwap to allow trading with low transaction fees and best UX. Opening the gates for everyone, from big whales to small fishes. Provide liquidity to earn a nice APY.
  • Popular NFTs Listed on Auctionity

    You've heard about them, you may already own some. Here are some clues: soccer, cars and card game.
  • New auctioneer experience

    We want as many people as possible to be able to become an auctioneer on Auctionity. That's why we are going to revamp and simplify the whole experience.
  • Revamping the NFT selling process

    Putting a NFT up for bids will become more straightforward with an easy process and default options. Advanced options for those who like to fine tune the details, will still be available.
  • Revamping the revenue system

    All the revenus and auction revenus will be redefined. More tokens will be redistributed to the sponsors of the auctions.
  • Platform redesign

    All the Auctionity platform will be redesign to offer a smoother experience.
  • To be continued...

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