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What's new?

What is the best way to have get the latest news? Announcements regarding the Auctionity blockchain ecosystem are published on a regular basis on our dedicated Medium. Read recent blog posts about Auctionity.

Auctionity is Hiring

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Auctionity Open API Milestone: completed!

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Who’s talking about Auctionity’s MVP?

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The MVP is here, what’s next? (Features are coming)

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Our product roadmap is a way for us to show you where we are at on our development schedule and what we will be working on next. We want to emphasize transparency with our community and that is why it is our top priority to keep you up to date and on the Auctionity project.



Private Ethereum blockchain for a fast and costless auction system.
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Core API for DRNet

Fast and secure API to communicate with our private blockchain.
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Auctionity by Domraider

See the auction process at work.
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DRNet Blockexplorer

Track the history of transactions that have taken place on the Auctionity blockchain.
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Open Core API

Allow anybody to use and bring their own auction implementation to the Auctionity blockchain.
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Payment guarantee

Payment guarantee counter-party for all auctions.
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Domraider v2 core blockchain project

Future upgrades to reduce operation costs and increase transaction speed.
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Advanced auction features

Including a variety of features to give real time updates to bidders.
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Other auction process

In addition of the english auction form, other forms of auctions will be developed.
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Open DRNet for foreign nodes

To participate in the validation consensus and guarantee DRNet decentralization and trust.
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Our company

Auctionity is a project powered by the DomRaider Group and it serves as a bridge between the auction world and the potential of open-source blockchain. Our team is gathering experts from blockchain communities or with high-level IT & development background, but also FinTech, Marketing and Business talents. We are bold, we are enthusiastic, we are pioneers.

Dev Tools

Find the tools and repository for the application development of the blockchain auction ecosystem

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DomRaider Token

All you need to know about the DRT: current prices, where to buy, featured and coming exchanges, how to use it.

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Begin now

Discover the possibilities of the auction blockchain ecosystem. Try Auctiony’s MVP and begin running auctions